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Our mission is to promote unity, professionalism and the advancement of Filipino American Physical Therapists through an academy of supportive fellowship, via the pursuit of clinical evidence, education, and career opportunities.


We will strive to ensure clinical excellence among our members while advocating for the physical therapy profession towards those we serve in our respective communities. We will uplift physical therapy practice among our respective fields while demonstrating leadership and developing alliances within the healthcare fields through collaborations, innovative practice, education, research, and quality of care.

TheAcademy Logo

"Takbo", is a Filipino (Tagalog) word for "run". It denotes a high degree of mobility and an advanced ability commonly aspired to as a goal in physical therapy. It also means leaving a starting line in the hopes of advancing towards another place representing an achievement of success. This is the story of individuals leaving their motherland and their motivation to improve the self and to achieve.

Running involves both a physical and mental fortitude above and beyond the common struggle. This symbol recognizes these rites of passage and respects every individuals desire to further their status and improve and preserve the practice of physical therapy.

The colors of the symbol represent the flags of the Philippines and the United States of America as flames which ignite the intensity of the individual that is both transformative and motivating.

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